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Writing:                                                                       Session Recording:

M - Music                                                                    B - Bass
L - Lyrics                                                                     D - Drums

Me - Melodies                                                             G - Guitar
C/M - Co-wrote music                                                V - Lead Vocals
C/L - Co-wrote lyrics                                                  BV - Backing Vocals

Abstract - Coming Down (L, Me)

Abstract - Contact (L, Me)

Abstract - Surrender (L, Me)

Address: Unknown (Georgetown Theater Production Cast Recording) - One Voice, One Dream (B, D)
Alex Trivette - Dance Into My Life (C/M, B, D, G, BV)

Apoxia - Lucky (L, Me, V)

Apoxia - Red (G)

Bestie Boyz - Get Lost (C/M, L, Me, B, G, V)

Bobby Gary & Co. - Making Light Of Something Dark (C/M, B, D, G, V)

Bobby Gary & Co. - Let Me Go (Me, V)

Bobby Gary & Co. - Find Our Way (C/M, C/L, Me, B, D, G, BV)

Bobby Gary & Co. - Silenced (C/M, B, D, G, BV)

Bobby Gary & Co. - Life We Lived (C/M, B, D, G, BV)

Drew Martin - Jane (D, G, BV)

Drew Martin - Icicle Woman (G)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Cable Cars (G, D)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Calling Your Bluff (C/M, G)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Hit & Run (C/M, G)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Bring The Light (D, G)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Once Was (D)

Drew Martin & The Limelights - Just Call Me (D)

Four Play - Made Of Glass (G)

New Music Race - Arrival (B)

New Music Race - Dance On The Moon (B)

New Music Race - Love's Collide (B)

New Music Race - Our Music (B)

New Music Race - You (B)

NexGen Collective - Leave The Past Behind (G)

Riley Roe - Brown Eyes (M, Me)

Riley Roe - Just One Night (M, Me)

Riley Roe - Pictures (M, Me)

Riley Roe - Still (M, Me)

Zach Birnbaum - Exit Signs (G)

Zach Birnbaum - Waiting (C/M, D, G)

Zach Birnbaum - Still Trying (M, D, BV)




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